FAQ: What is a pressure vessel inspection and why do we need it?

Posted by Charlotte Hanson on

Pressure vessel regulations apply to owners and users of systems which include steam, gases under pressure and any fluid kept artificially under pressure and which becomes a gas when released to the atmosphere. Such as Autoclaves.

As autoclaves are pressurised they are therefore potentially dangerous and should be checked on a regular basis. This is a HSE requirement. Autoclaves fall under the remit of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR), and must have regular inspections from installation to ensure they are safe for staff to operate.
A Pressure Vessel Inspection Report is similar to an MOT on a car – you potentially could use one without it in place, but if there is an incident involving your pressurised equipment without a current report your insurance is likely to be rendered void.
At Serve ICE Ltd we issue detailed unit-specific schemes and inspect thoroughly after service. Engineers will always recognise and deal with an impending problem before the inspection. These inspections are carried out according to the criteria of a Written Scheme of Examination, a copy of which the owner should hold on the premises. Equipment without a current report (including any ‘spare’ autoclaves) should not be used.

Is your autoclave due for a PVI?

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